What is Diff Lapping?

This is a difficult thing to explain but let's give it a go!

When a gear is manufactured it goes through many stages, machining and cutting a "blank" to begin with.

After the gears are cut they are left with machining marks which cause high spots on the gear surface. These high spots and irregularities can be a major cause of gear noise. Lapping of the gear set is the final process in it's manufacture and this involves a procedure where the Crownwheel & Pinion are set up in a gear lapping machine and run together. (As they would in your vehicle) with a specific Carborundum and Oil mixture which removes all high spots to obtain an even and consistent surface contact.

This same process also applies to a worn Crownwheel & Pinion and with our highly skilled operators we can provide an option for you to re-use your existing gear set rather than the sometimes expensive option, of replacement.

I hope this has given you an insight into the process, but please view our "Videos" for a demonstration of the lapping process.

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